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Hybrid Medallion / Necklace (Long chain, 83cm)

101 EUR

The collectors item Hybrid-medallions are all handmade out of bronze and vintage brass, and are strictly limited to 20 pieces.

There are two different chain lenghts to choose from and all the products are packed in black emblemed ecological boxes.

This extraordinary steampunk inspired necklace is a co-operation between H-Productions and two jewelry makers;

Miia Magia Design & Lillan Helsinki.

Thank you for the awesome modelling Jesse Oliver & Jirina Alanko and thank you Steam Hellsinki for the fantastic location.

Design, photos, make up & style by Miia Magia.


Official H-Productions limited edition merchandise and accessories webshop by Cari Lekebusch. 

Product Design and Cordination by Miia Magia